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Baldacci's Group has its headquarters in Pisa (Italy).
In 1904 organized and created one of the first pharmaceutical industries.
The first pharmaceutical formulas of its meticulous scientific work emerged in 1908.
Later, it was founded the "Instituto de Pesquisa - Centro de Fisio-Farmacologia" supported by a famous Library that still today receives about 250 magazines of worldwide.
In 1951 the Laboratórios Baldacci settled in Brazil.
In 1953 it was created "The Valentino Baldacci Foundation" to promote and protect the scientific search in the fields of Chemistry and Biology.
Baldacci Portugal was constituted in 1955.
With national production of brand name medicines and the support of Baldacci R&D in Italy, Baldacci Portugal quickly was structured in order to meet the most demanding challenges of the pharmaceutical market.
Baldacci knows to win challenges and catching up in the pharmaceutical sector. Quality, security and efficiency of its products are their most important assets.
With its sharp internal growth in the 90's, Baldacci bet in the internationalization.
Baldacci develops its activity in the area of pharmaceutical industry, offering products in several medical specialties and also in non-prescription medicines.

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BASI is a national pharmaceutical group located in Coimbra, the biggest health industry centre in Portugal.
The facilities, quality and know-how of the employees, and the dynamism and experience of the management team mean we operate in accordance with the highest standards of quality.
BASI offers a wide diversity of products, from non-steroidal antiinflammatories (NSAIDs) to Central Nervous System (CNS) products, and is also present in dynamic market segments such as the cardiovascular area and infectious diseases.
BASI produces and markets its own wide range of products in addition to marketing licensed products.
BASI can facilitate the launch of clinical trials of medicines in Portugal due to its close and firm relationship with Opinion Leaders and important clinical centres at the University Hospital of Coimbra.
BASI wants to strengthen its position in the national market and to continue developing its sustainable international programme.

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Bial is the leading Portuguese pharmaceutical company and has activities in nearly 40 countries around the world. The research of new therapeutic solutions is a strategic area for Bial that is now launching in the global market the first drug patented in Portugal; an anti-epileptic under the brand name of Zebinix. BIAL invests more than 20% of its total turnover in R&D and expects to introduce five new medicines to the market by 2020 in the areas of central nervous and cardiovascular systems.
The future commercialization of Bial's research products will be an added impetus to its international expansion, which already represents 50% of the Group's income.
Bial Group's strategy of internationalization resides in finding strong local partners, who may help implementing its products. Bial has today its own teams located in more than 30 countries constituted by nearly 250 collaborators actively promoting its pharmaceuticals.
Medicines and vaccines are produced strictly according to the highest requirements of quality. Bial's environmental and quality management systems are certified. Bial is also certified for its R&D management system.
Since 2005 the Bial Group is a member of the "European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations" (EFPIA), which has recognised Bial as a research and development pharmaceutical company capable of bringing new medicines to the world to improve human health and the quality of life of the populations.
Bial Group has also been distinguished by its support to several medical and scientific activities, namely through BIAL Foundation, having as outstanding events the BIAL Award, recognized as one of the Europe's largest health awards and the Scientific Research Grants.

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Bluepharma is a privately owned pharmaceutical company, located in Coimbra, Portugal. It was launched in 2001 when a group of professionals, all related to the pharmaceutical field, decided to acquire Bayer's industrial unit in Coimbra.
Bayer's former plant was renowned for being considered one of the most advanced and well-designed in the country. Moreover, with this acquisition, Bluepharma inherited a highly qualified team with more than 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical production.
The merge of former organizational standards and technology with the innovative, entrepreneurial and flexible capacities established the basis of Bluepharma's corporate culture.
Over the 11 years since its launch, Bluepharma has earned the trust of its many partners, including many major key players of the international pharmaceutical market, and several prominent leading research centers.
Among its success factors at large, the company is chiefly identified for its Research and Development, marketing expertise, lean operational principles, economy of scale, integrated approach and combined certification.
These primary core competencies have allowed the company to continue to sustainably compete and steadily grow, with an all-round differentiation strategy.
Bluepharma's mission is to market pharmaceutical products of the highest quality at competitive prices. While seeking the sustainability and increase of its business, the company hopes to actively contribute to the rationalization of expenses in the health sector and simultaneously to the improvement of the life quality of populations.
With this in mind, the company's strategic course of action is drawn from the following priorities:

  • Innovation and Research, backed by a highly qualified team and state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Quality, as perceived by all the major regulatory and certifying agencies, having been approved according to procedures set by ISO Norms 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, EMAS, the FDA and KFDA.
  • Pursuit of business opportunities in up-and-coming and competitive territories, as well as in-/out- licensing prospects.

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Laboratório Edol, website, is a pharmaceutical company of exclusively Portuguese capital. It celebrated 57 years of age in 2009. It has 119 employees, working in Administration & Finance, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Regulatory Affairs, Medical, Marketing and Sales, Research and Development, New Business and Exports departments.
Laboratório Edol specializes in the development, production and marketing of products in the following areas:
Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Dermocosmetics, ENT and Medical Devices.
Presently, Laboratório Edol exports to Portuguese-speaking African countries, Francophone Africa, Morocco, Lybia, Yemen, Ethiopia, Central America (El Salvador and Dominican Republic), Middle East (Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordania) and also CIS countries.
In parallel we work with products of companies with cutting edge technology.

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Grupo Azevedos
The history of AZEVEDOS comprises more than two centuries consolidating a trajectory completely dedicated to the service of medicine. At present, the structure is centered on five areas of intervention (R&D, production, marketing and sales, logistics and international) ensuring a complete approach to the whole chain of the pharmaceutical market.
As a strategic option, the business was divided into segments, leading to the creation of a group of companies and operational units corresponding in a specialised way to high patterns of competitiveness.
In the industrial area and within its scope of action, SOFARIMEX (Azevedos Group) is the first Portuguese producer of medicines, specialised in small and medium series, holding a qualified universe of clients, being at present more than 60% of its production exported into foreign markets, mainly European.
AZEVEDOS commercialise a wide range of products ensuring a significant availability of medical prescription, non-prescription and hospital specialities.
DLA Farmacêutica (Azevedos Group) acts in the market as a logistic operator, contributing decisively to our strategy of development projecting AZEVEDOS brand into all areas of the pharmaceutical sector satisfying the logistic needs of the companies belonging to the Group, as well as a significant number of clients.
Since the beginning of the 90's AZEVEDOS pursue internationalisation as a strategic target for its development. Under models of exportation, licensing or direct investment, its presence is extended to more than 20 international markets regionally grouped in Europe, Maghreb, French and Portuguese speaking African countries, South America and Middle East. In terms of specific direct investment MEDIS should be particularly highlighted as a reference operator in the Mozambican market and LABORIS BRAZIL as a platform of industrial delocalisation of AZEVEDOS into the vast space of MERCOSUL.
A decisive step for the evolution of AZEVEDOS was its commitment in R&D. As a result of research and continual search of information to exploit opportunities, this relevant area of intervention resulted in finding new perspectives, the only way enabling a constant improvement in products and services bearing AZEVEDOS brand. Keeping a close relationship with companies, universities, and institutes this operational unit pursues an essential primary trajectory towards its development in the universe of medicines. The R&D sector which is an essential basis ensures AZEVEDOS a position of reference in the sector focusing its activity into the development of new pharmaceutical formulas, new analytical methods and new productive processes.

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  Grupo tecnimede

Grupo tecnimede
Tecnimede Group develops registers, manufactures, promotes and sells pharmaceutical products for human use.
The Group has five commercial companies, two production units (West Pharma and Atlantic Pharma) and one R&D Centre (Labor Qualitas).
The commercial companies are based in Portugal (Tecnimede, Pentafarma and Farmoz), Morocco (Tecnimede Morocco) and Spain (Tecnimede España which promotes Tecnigen branded products).
The production units, West Pharma and Atlantic Pharma, are located in Lisbon and are specialize in the manufacture of oral solid products. Both are certified in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and ISO 9001:2000.
West Pharma manufactures tablets, coated tablets, dragees, hard gelatine capsules, powders and granules; in blister (PVC/ALU, PVDC/ALU, OPA/ALU), aluminium tape, HDPE vials and glass vials.
Atlantic Pharma represents is Grupo Tecnimede's most recent acquisition, and represents a total investment of more than € 30.000.000. This factory has production capacity to manufacture all types of pharmaceutical forms: oral, cremes, pastes, suppositories, low volume injectables, liquids and suspensions.
Labor Qualitas is located 40 Km north of Lisbon. It is a fully equipped R&D unit, with activities in the following areas: Research and Development of new chemical entities; Development of new forms of synthesis; Development of new pharmaceutical forms, including modified release forms and sterile forms; Analytical development and validation of processes; Pharmacological screening; Toxicology studies; Clinical studies; Cells culture.
Labor Qualitas is certified by INFARMED in accordance with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and ISO 17025:2005.
Tecnimede Group has a vast experience in conducting BD/BE studies, working with CROs in Portugal, Spain and Canada, and has developed a portfolio of more than 50 generic products, developed in accordance with the GLP, in Labor Qualitas. These products are being registered in almost all countries of the European Union, but also in several other countries worldwide.
Grupo Tecnimede is a trustworthy partner that supplies quality dossiers, in accordance with the European guidelines, for products developed in Labor Qualitas and manufactured in the production units of the Group.

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IBERFAR is part of a group founded in 1924, in which FERRAZ, LYNCE, S.A., is included - a company dedicated to the registration, marketing, promotion and distribution of pharmaceutical specialties, and LOGIFARMA, Logística Farmacêutica, S.A., a logistic operator with a capacity of 22.500 euro-pallets, 800 in cold storage.
IBERFAR started the production activity in 1951 having built the first facility in 1965, which has been improved to accomplish the business growth.
IBERFAR is a LeanSixSigma company since 2007. The combination of the LeanSixSigma toll is focused on client satisfaction, waste elimination (Lean) and control of process variation (SixSigma) to achieve excellence.

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  Jaba Recordati

Jaba Recordati
Jaba Recordati, S.A. has integrated Recordati Group since 2006.
Founded in 1927, in a small pharmacy in Lisbon, became, four years later, in one of the most important companies in the Portuguese Health market.
Jaba Recordati is strategically focus on its clients' needs and therefore structured into three main areas: Pharma, Consumer Health and Generics.

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Korangi is a young company composed of experienced senior staff from international companies, devoted to the development and marketing of POM and OTC Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Nutraceuticals.
Korangi has based its development on innovating its portfolio, as well as on traditional herbal medicinal products and nutraceuticals, based on a strategy of exclusive partnerships with two German reference groups (Diapharm and Klosterfrau), in order to respond to the future needs of our domestic and international clients.

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Starting as a family owned company, Labesfal grew to become one of the biggest and most successful companies in Portugal with a vast portfolio and a state-of-the-art manufacturing site, with technologies that are unique in Portugal. It is market leader in the hospital market and is in the top five in the generics market.
As a contract manufacturer, Labesfal produces for 30 national and international companies in over 60 countries.
Labesfal is a 100% owned subsidiary of Fresenius Kabi and is the location for the Fresenius Kabi Skills Centre for the development and production of Pharmaceutical IV Medicinal Products.
Fresenius Kabi is the leader in Infusion Therapy and Clinical Nutrition in Europe and in the most important countries of Latin America and the Asia Pacific region.
In addition, we are active in the field of Transfusion Technology, supplying blood processing systems as well as blood bags and filters. We focus on the therapy and care of critically and chronically ill patients in and outside hospital.
Fresenius Kabi has more than 15,000 employees worldwide and a global network of 50 sales organizations and 46 production sites. We achieved sales of € 1.9 thousand million in 2006. Fresenius Kabi AG is a 100% owned subsidiary of the health care group Fresenius SE (

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Lusomedicamenta S.A. is a fully integrated pharmaceutical group structured into two major business areas: contract manufacturing (Lusomedicamenta) and marketing&sales (Medicamenta and Dávi). In 2008 contract manufacturing is still the main business, with about 45% of our production being exported to 47 markets worldwide. We supply our customers, leading international pharmaceutical groups, with the fullest range and highest quality of manufacturing solutions and services.
Being one of the most modern pharmaceutical units in the country, we offer a wide range of manufacturing technologies, and specific know-how and capacities, like effervescent tablets, eye drops, injectables, non-gas sprays, alu-alu and unidose packaging).
Facility design, together with fast changeover equipment, and state-of the art information systems, optimizes product and people flow, providing very flexible operations, and reduced cycle times.
A dedicated and highly skilled technical team, and extensive partnership with national and international research and development centres, provides our customers, product development, such as pre-formulation, formulation and analytical development, stability studies, pilot batch production, and regulatory and technical support, assuring full compliance during product life cycle. (The production unit follows the EU GMP's and the Environment Management System is ISO 14001 certified.)
The marketing&sales business was established in 2007 with 4 derma products and has since then expanded through acquisition and partnerships into two companies: Dávi ( that brings to the market pharmaceutical products in the areas of ophthalmology and dermatology, and Medicamenta, that promotes medicines in the areas of Primary Care, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Central Nervous System and Oncology.

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Medinfar is an independent and fully integrated Portuguese Pharmaceutical Group with R&D, Production, Marketing & Sales and Distribution. The company has a wide range of products from prescription medicines to generics, OTC/Consumer products and veterinary products.
Medinfar promotes products in several therapeutical areas: General Practice, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Respiratory and Dermatology.

Medinfar Group main companies:
- Laboratório Medinfar, SA – Mkt & Sales of branded prescription products
- GP – Genéricos Portugueses, Lda – Mkt & Sales of generics
- Medinfar Consumer Health, Lda – MKT & Sales of OTC/Consumer products, cosmetics, food supplements
- Medinfar – Sorológico, SA – Animal Health/Medical Device Division
- Farmalabor, SA – manufacturing unit located 200 km away from Lisbon, Farmalabor is certified in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and cGMP, GLP, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001. Farmalabor manufactures solid forms (tablets, coated tablets, capsules, pellets, granules, sachets, suppositories) semi-solid forms (creams, ointments) and liquid forms (solutions, suspensions, syrups)
- Cytothera, SA – Biotech Company

As a result of its globalization challenge, Medinfar Group is present in more than 20 countries around the world, through its affiliate in Morocco and distributors throughout Europe, FWA, PALOP, Middle East and Asia.
Always maintaining its commitment to quality, its well-trained workforce and state of the art manufacturing facilities aim to bring products of the highest quality to worldwide markets.

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MediRex Pharma is a Portuguese company that acts in the Pharmaceutical Industry, marketing drugs and health products.
Founded in 2005, and formed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, it supports its activities on its own sales force to promote and sell its products.
Sales force activities are developed in three sectors: Direct to doctor promotion; Direct to pharmacy promotion and sales; Direct to hospital promotion and sales.
To develop these activities, the company has its own products and others exclusively licensed to Portugal, and has established partnerships with laboratories, particularly with MerckSharp&Dohme, Nycomed, Tecnimede and Exelgyn.
With a very professional and ethical approach to the market, it is based on its products' quality that the commitment to maintain a consistent and stable relationship with its partners is set.
In its products portfolio, MediRex Pharma has drugs for important market niches, that KELATINE (Penicillamine) and MIFEGYNE (Mifepristone) are examples, and commercializes generics as DESAY (Deflazacorte).
In the hospital area, MediRex is present, among other areas, in the wounds treatment, particularly chronic wounds, leg and foot ulcers, with a range of products like MELMAX, MATRIX, NEOHEAL and BURNTEC.
In mass consumption area, MediRex is present with its own labels for Pediatrics (BEBEPEL), for Dermatology (PELSAN) and Food Supplements, with very peculiar characteristics, like LIPIMEG (Omega 3), COLAC, BIO-ENERGOL and ARTROZEN.
MediRex has grown as an innovative company, focused on the Pharmaceutical Market evolution and bringing some new ideas as alternatives to the classic approach of in the pharmaceutical sector.

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Founded in 1969, Tecnifar is a family owned, 100% Portuguese capital Pharmaceutical Company.
During its first period of activity, ranging from 1969 to 1986, Tecnifar belonged to a Group of Companies which comprised also Luso-Fármaco and Medicamenta.
In 1986 Tecnifar became completely autonomous.
In the decade 90 two side companies were born into the main company, Tecnifar S.A.: FARGIN and FARMALUX which together have now come to be known as the Tecnifar Group.
The current shareholders have also recently (Jan. 2005) participated in the MBO of the production facility, LusoMedicamenta (former Janssen-Cilag and former Medicamenta).
Operating in Portugal, Tecnifar produces and sells its own o_-patent pharmaceutical forms and also commercialises patented medicines covered by license agreements from major R&D companies, such as MSD, AstraZeneca, Roche, Pharmacia, J. Uriach, Angelini, Menarini, Polichem, Sigma-Tau, UCB and HRA Pharma.
Tecnifar's portfolio is mainly composed of prescription drugs for the therapeutic areas such as Neuropsychiatry, Cardiology, Gynaecology, Pneumology, Endocrinology and Dermatology, among others.

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AtralCipan exports 50% of its products. Its main markets are USA, EU and Japan.
AtralCipan also specialises in the transfer of technology for the production of antibiotics using fermentation and chemical synthesis technologies. The group has implemented many projects in various countries, for more than 40 years.

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